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WhiteSmoke English Editor Package

The All-in-one English Editor Software

Our writing is our image. sounds exaggerated?
In today's world, where most of the communication is being held in writing,
the way we express ourselves is the way people capture their image on us.
Proper English writing is not an easy task to do.
correct spelling, proper use of grammar and punctuation marks, finding the perfect word to express our message,  writing clearly yet with a professional style - all these are regular issues when it comes to our daily writing.
The all-in-one English Editor-Software was created in order to solve these issues.
For the first time, a patented artificial intelligence technology is able to learn
the context of your phrase, understand what you were trying to say,
proofread your writing and give you a variety of alternative relevant words
to choose from in order to enhance your writing style.
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Works with all applications:

MS Word™ Windows MS Outlook™ Internet Explorer Mozilla™ Mac MS messenger™ Acrobat Reader™

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  • Grammar - A smart Grammar checker for proper use of tenses, verbs, etc.
  • Spelling - An advanced spell checker that corrects all your spelling errors.
  • Punctuation - Checks and verifies proper use of punctuation marks.
  • Vocabulary - Artificial intelligence feature enhances your writing style by adding alternative elegant words to your text.
  • Dictionary - A built-in dictionary tool that gives you definitions, idioms, thesaurus, and much more.
  • Templates - Choose from over 600 types of daily-used templates, such as: Thank you letter, different CV formats ,congratulations emails, job application letter, recommendation letter, etc.
  • Translator - Translate any word to 18 different languages.
  • Experts Forum - Linguistic Experts forum answering questions and providing tips for better English.
  • Notifier - Real time notifications of errors as you are typing the text.

More Features

Specific version for each style:

General writing style
General Writing Style
Business writing style
Business Writing Style
Creative writing style
Creative Writing Style
Legal writing style
Legal Writing Style
Medical writing style
Medical Writing Style
Executive writing style
Executive Writing Style

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Robert C, New York:
"This great tool has really released me from worrying about my writing... It saves me both time and effort..."

Jennifer L, Florida:
"It's like having your personal proof-reader each time you write a text... and it's do friendly and easy to use , that I actually don't write anything without it today."

Shelly B, UK:
"At first I was a bit skeptic, but it actually works! my writing level has never been better... I have warmly recommended it to all my friends"

Laura P, Spain:
"How come no one have thought about it earlier? I could have used it ages ago...It helped me to impress my colleagues at work and my friends abroad."

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WhiteSmoke Editor™


Clear Edits™


Proofreading tools 5 stars 4 stars 4 stars 3 stars
Feedback 4 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars
Reference tools 4 stars 1 star 1 star 5 stars
Additional tools 5 stars 3 stars 2 stars 2 stars
GUI 5 stars 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars
Support 5 stars 3 stars 3 stars 3 stars
Compatibility 5 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars
Value to price 5 stars 2 stars 2 stars 3 stars
Total Score 5 stars 4 stars 2 stars 4 stars
Price $79.95 $160 $79.95 $79
  Special Price: Click Here StyleWriter Website ClearEdits Website Babylon Website

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I wandered whethear the whether is convinient enought to play outside

I wondered whether the weather is convenient enough to play outside.

If I saw his eforts in this project I would not be so difficult with him

Had I seen his efforts in this project, I would have reacted less strictly with him.

I read the article about the enterpernours competition when it hit me that I can participate too

I was reading the article describing the entrepreneurs' competition when I suddenly realized I could participate as well.

I met the potential client in an exhibition in paris and tried to convince   him to test our new product

I encountered the prospective customer at an exhibition in Paris, and encouraged him to evaluate our innovative product.

he reached his desicion while ago but back than he didnt have the guts to go with it

He reached his decision a long while ago, however back then he hasn't had the sufficient courage to follow his mission.

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